Colonie Center Sears to Close
When I think of Colonie Center, I think of sears. I suppose I will need to allow another store to come to mind now. All the details you need are here.
Crossgates Looking to Add Hotel with 200 Rooms
I know what you're thinking, "how about some stores filling those vacant spots within the mall?" I know. I think they're currently working on that with murals plastered on the white walls asking us to guess who's coming soon. So, time will tell on what amazing shoppi…
dELiA’s Going Out Of Business
Back in the day, dELiA's was the big place to order the most fashionable teenage clothing from, especially because it was such a novelty.  There were no stores locally here in the Capital Region.
Casey’s Top Picks For ‘Seize The Deal’
There are some incredible auctions up through our SeizeTheDeal the auction this week and the savings is absolutely out of this world!  Just think, you could treat yourself to the spa once a month for either six months or a full year at over 50% off the normal retail price!
DSW Taking Stance On Black Friday
Last year it seemed that most retail stores were getting a bit ridiculous when it came to their "Black Friday" hours and sales.  Many stores are now trying to lure customers to their store over a competitor's by offering certain "limited supplies" of dis…
Nordstrom Rack Coming To Albany
Nordstrom, Inc. is bringing a Nordstrom Rack to the Capital Region — Colonie Center to be exact.  For anyone not familiar, Nordstrom Rack sells clothing, accessories and shoes at discounted prices.

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