5 Things to Never Say To an Upstate New Yorker
It's the winter here in New York.  Sure, we're all used to winters in New York.  But, it doesn't mean that being cooped up for a few months doesn't make for some level of crankiness.  So between coming back from a vacation out of state, and going into a weekend with the first big snow storm of the y…
Historic Lake George Mansion for Sale [PHOTOS]
Have you ever drove passed those beautiful mansions on Lake George and wondered what they looked like on the inside? Well, one of them is for sale and here's your opportunity or maybe you'll even be able to buy it!
Things Capital Region People Say: Huge Snowstorm of 2019 Edition
Everybody's talking about the impending monster snowstorm that we're supposed to get this weekend.  I've heard forecasts anywhere for 8-12 inches to two feet.  Regardless of how much snow we get, there are certain things that people in the Capital Region always say before, during, and after the snow…

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