Albany’s Living Legends [LIST]
Every area has a set of local celebrities and among that set are a select few who are living legends - and the Albany area is no exception, so decided to rank our top five picks for living legends in the Albany area.
What Are The Winning Powerball Numbers? [VIDEO]
As millions of people in several states waited in lines to retrieve a $2 Powerball ticket, this guy was doing what he does best- Thinking of all the people freezing their tushes off, hoping to be 1 in 175 million who had the 'winning ticket'.
Awesome Lottery Prank [VIDEO]
With tonight's Powerball Lottery at, say it with me- FIVE HUNNNNDDREEED FIFTY MILLLION DOLLARS!!! So yeah, with a jackpot like that- everyone and their mother is buying loads of tickets. Odds of you winning? I think you have a better chance at someone offering to buy your dinner as you eat- in …