Things That Are Cooler In College
Remember when we were in high school and fellow classmates were perceived as dorky or artsy and since they weren't part of the "in crowd" no one invited them to their party?  But then college struck or even the after college years and you realize that being cool is being …
‘Frozen’ Shows the Power of Caffeine [VIDEO]
This is absolutely hysterical!  I know whenever I have a deadline or a ton going on, a nice cup of coffee always gets me through.  Meanwhile, I don't quite remember how much caffeine contributed to my college education.
NY College Students Arrested for Giving Beer to Dog
Two college students in Brockport, New York were arrested and charged for forcing a dog to drink beer.  Both men were charged with animal abuse after a student took a photo of the incident and posted it on a Twitter account that featured stories and pictures of students throwing parties at New …
Amanda Bynes Out of Rehab
After several months, Amanda Bynes has been released from a rehab facility in Malibu, California.  The actress was supposedly secretly discharged from the center to her mother's custody several days ago.

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