Can you watch this video without laughing? You just can't. Cue Barney Stinson's "Challenge Accepted!" and try it out. Take the 4 minute challenge and see if you can win... and by that I mean you're really depressing and need to laugh more.

I laugh at anything, so naturally, I only made it about 15 seconds into this video and starting dying laughing from the cute baby in the beginning. This video is literally just other people laughing and has 21 million, yes million, views on YouTube! I can't explain why it is so funny to me. In reality, it's just a series of annoying laughter that if I heard in public, I'd probably be laughing at you instead of laughing with you.

Without wasting anymore time, here is the video:

How far did you get? If you say that you made it through the whole video without even cracking a smile, I simply wouldn't believe you. If you told me to believe you anyways, I'd assume you didn't look at the screen for the entirety of the video.

For whatever reason, this is hilarious. It actually had me in tears about halfway through when I heard the kid who looks like he is in a college dorm room laughing like a horse. The sad part is, I believe that all of these laughs are real. I have snorted before and made some bizarre sounds, but nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to any of these. Luckily, stupid videos such as other people laughing is all it takes to make people happy. I pray to the high heavens that I never sound remotely close to any of these people in this video.