Why a man would need a protective athletic cup that can withstand a close range round from a rifle is beyond me, but this guy is proving that his "NUTSHELLZ" is the toughest there is!

You gotta give it to a company's CEO who believes in his own product so much that he'll put his reproductive future on the line.

His whole reason for doing this is to get funding for his new product via kickstarter.  If you ask me, if he would have done this stunt on the TV show "Shark Tank", those investors would be throwing their money at him by the fist-full!

The person I feel sorry for is the poor employee who has to take the proof shot!  There is only ONE result that can come out of this situation that is a POSITIVE result.  Anything short of him being 1/2 an inch to the left, or the protective cup not protecting, he'll have a whole lot of problems bigger than looking for a new job!

And just as an added note:  I don't know why the CEO dude has to unzip and drop his drawers. Why couldn't he just wear his bullet-proof groin protector over top his pants?

Enough said! Let's get to the shot!


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