Ricky Syers is an artist, activist, entertainer and performer from New Jersey and he created a puppet named Chops Sawyer that can really jam on the drums!

As a matter of fact, Ricky has created a number of puppets and marionettes that do some pretty amazing and funny things.

Of this video of Chops Sawyer slaying the drums to Rush's "Tom Sawyer", a viewer named Rob Bush said about the puppet's performance,

"This may be the most amazingly awesome thing you will watch today". 

Ricky built the puppet, made the clothes and built all the props himself.  He admitted that he didn't know if the drum kit that he made out of tin cans and various other material would even work -- but he was surprised to see that it all came together en pointe!

At about the 2:30 mark you will swear that little Chops's arms are about to fly off! Animal from The Muppet Show has nothing on this puppet!

Check out more of Ricky Syers's work at RickySyers.com.



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