This is the best Mint Julep you'll have this side of Churchill Downs on derby day!

I kinda geek out when it comes to traditional drinking occasions such has huge sporting events, holidays, cultural festivals, weekends...nothing bonds people together more than a fun event and good beverages!

Here is my MUCH requested Mint Julep recipe that is great for your Kentucky Derby party or any spring or summer day! As a matter-of-fact, I'm sipping one right now as I write this. I use the official bourbon of the Kentucky Derby, but put my own little time tested twists on it to make it my own.

Please serve your creation in a proper glass. I can't stand quality drinks that are served in a plastic cup. It just kinda kills the spirit of the whole process. Pictured here are my personal favorite -- but hard to find -- official, Kentucky Derby engraved silver julep cups from Churchill Downs in Kentucky.

I told you I geek out.

Here it is:

A single serving consists of

2 jiggs Woodford Reserve Bourbon (official bourbon of the 141st derby)
1 jigg brown sugar** simple syrup ( **this is the difference maker. simple syrup with regular sugar is good too -- I prefer brown, as the molasses adds more flavor)
1/2 jigg water
Mulled fresh mint
Dash of bitters

Enjoy! Take it slow, as these go down tooooooo easy and we're talking 6+ hours of horse racing on derby day! It's a great tradition in my family and all my neighbors request my Mint Juleps the day of the derby.

Please let me know what you think!

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