Amsterdam Newlyweds Among Those In Tragic Limo Crash
Information is trickling in about those whose were killed in the horrible Schoharie crash that took place yesterday afternoon.  Among the 20 who lost their lives yesterday, it's being reported that two of the couples inside the limo were newlyweds from Amsterdam headed to a birthday party.
State Police Confirm 20 Dead In Horrific Schoharie Crash
Just awful.  My heart breaks for the families, the community, and anybody involved in the horrific crash that happened yesterday in front of the Apple Barrel Country Store + Cafe in the town of Schoharie.  State Police are confirming that 20 are dead but have yet to release the names of th…
Local Home Health Aid Turns Out to be a Mobster
This is the stuff movies are made out of.  Seriously, this news story could be a movie plot.  Unfortunately, it was reality for a trusting couple not far from Albany in Gilboa, New York.  The Times Union reported a story today about a home health aid known as ‘Anna&Clo…

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