Best Strategies to Eating Healthy & Cheap!
Fitness & nutrition expert JJ Virgin put together a list featured in the Huffington Post of some of the best ways to eat healthy, but on a limited budget.  Let's be honest, no one wants to spend a ton of money on food
2014 Tricks to Staying Healthy
2014 is in full swing. There's still plenty of time to regain a new and healthy lifestyle. Whether you are home, at the office or at the gym, there are so many different ways to focus on your fitness. These simple changes in your life can make all the difference over time:

Take a walk instead of…
Healthy Thanksgiving Food
There are a few of us who "may" want to eat on the healthier side on Thanksgiving. I'm on the side of a little healthy, and a little "oops my pants just popped open". Here are some of the healthiest foods already on the menu.