Great Escape

Lake George Great Escape is Now Open!
This weekend, the Lake George Great Escape opened for 2019!  Don't go rushing up because It's not fully open for the season yet, but the fun has started and get excited-  because, really, isn't Great Escape's opening in general one of those local markers that summer is …
Great Escape Now Hiring For Season
Now is the time that Six Flags Great Escape Resort starts hiring for the season. There are over fifteen hundred jobs available for all positions. Here's how to apply.
Great Escape Boy Scout Day!
If you have a Boy Scout in your house you know that they get to go on some really great trips. My friend was telling me that her son who is a scout was going to a farm a couple of weekends ago to milk cows. I've also seen pictures of them on field trips to go fishing and even to see some dinosa…