More often than not, HBO’s Silicon Valley makes headlines for one major set piece gag per year, belying some of the improvisational talent that goes into making one of TV’s best comedies. Case in point, watch T.J. Miller insult Stephen Toblowsky for over four and a half minutes, an outtake of old person jokes to rival any gag on the series to date.

Entertainment Weekly released the 4.5 minute gag reel, which extends a scene from Season 3 premiere “Founder Friendly” to feature Erlich Bachman (Miller) facetiously welcoming Pied Piper’s new CEO Jack “Action Jack” Barker (Toblowsky). Enamored by the script, Miller penned upwards of 75 total burns, shooting a great majority, but eventually being asked to stop:

They actually had to stop us and say, ‘Listen, this continues to be funny, but we have way too much material.’ Once the writers and Mike and Stephen and I got started, it was difficult to stop. I love it because it was just a geyser of what it seems Erlich and myself are pretty proficient in: verbally eviscerating other people while remaining the biggest buffoon in the room.

In the meantime, Silicon Valley Season 3 will air its sixth episode this coming Sunday (even as Toblowsky’s character has seemingly left), but watch the outtake in full above, as well as the latest preview below.