Should I Put My Child On A "Leash"?

Kevin in Albany tells Mike & Heather...

My wife and I have two kids four and seven and last week we went on a trip to Disney World.

The park was really busy, and I let go of my seven-year-old daughter's hand.  The next thing I knew, she wasn't there.

After looking around for five minutes, I found her standing right where we were walking when I let her go.  She was smart enough to know not to leave the area when she couldn't find her parents, but still, it was terrifying.

I want to buy one of those "leash backpack" things.  My wife thinks they are horrible and says it makes it look like you're treating your child like a dog, and she says it's a big NO...but she obviously doesn't want our kids to get lost again.


What should Kevin do? Do you think the CHILD LEASH is a DO or a DON'T?

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