The new movie 'Ted 2' is out in theaters now and the actors from the movie are making their rounds on the talk shows to promote it. Seth McFarland and Mark Wahlberg stopped by the 'Graham Norton Show' to talk about the movie and while they were there Graham also had Cyndi Lauper on the show. What's the next logical step? Have Seth sing Cyndi's songs in the style of Stewie and Peter Griffin. Trust me, the video will have you laughing. I'm just glad that Cyndi was ok with it. Can you imagine the pressure he was under, the person who made the songs famous was sitting right next to him!

Mark Wahlberg was also on the show and shared how the now infamous "57" list from the first movie was cut from the second, but he can still rattle if off from memory! (He's also pretty miffed it was cut! I don't blame him!)