Early word of The X-Files 2016 return has been somewhat less than positive, but if nothing else, ‘90s fans can’t deny the thrill of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson reuniting for another go. Neither can Jimmy Kimmel, it seems, watching Mulder and Scully make out in a new X-Files parody from last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Oh, to relive the glory of the ‘90s, from alien investigations, to the dulcet tones of an AOL dial-up, to the slightly less dulcet tones of Hootie and the Blowfish. All are on display in the new Jimmy Kimmel Live! parody, including some truly terrible wigs for Gillian Anderson (and Duchovny also?), while it seems Kimmel himself might be casting shade at the revival.

In the meantime, FOX’s X-Files return has confirmed the Lone Gunmen, Annabeth Gish, Mitch Pileggi and William B. Davis to reprise their roles beside David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, while Community star Joel McHale will play a conservative pundit who tasks Mulder and Scully with investigating a woman claiming to have been abducted (The Americans star Annet Mahendru). Additionally, comedian and superfan Kumail Nanjiani will play a small role, while Flash star Robbie Amell and Six Feet Under alum Lauren Ambrose will play a pair of confident new FBI agents.

We’ve almost arrived at the official January 24 premiere, but rewatch the X-Files trailers below, and enjoy the parody above.

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