My pick for this week's TBT Music Video is "Only In My Dreams" by Debbie Gibson

Back in high school, I was in love with Debbie Gibson.

I sheepishly confessed my crush to Debbie when she was on my radio show for the first time, and she said, "You WERE in love? What about NOW?"

Alright...STILL in love (blush).

But let's get to the Throwback Thursday Music Video Pick Of The Week or to keep it short, TBTMVPOTW!

See how many of the following awesome cliche 80s things you can spot in the "Only In My Dreams" video:

...Over hair-sprayed hair...jorts...hoop coat with over-sized shoulder pads...tiny jacket...tiny vest...polka dot gloves...the double fist pull down dance move...jazz hands...denim on shorts with skirt...Swatch watch...sax solo...Wayfarer jeans...spin in place dance move...

Good times. Debbie was so cute...and STILL is. Debbie -- call me!




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