The Madonna/Guy Ritchie/Rocco saga continues.

Last week, Page Six reported that Madonna had gone to court on Wednesday to seek help in forcing her fifteen-year-old son with filmmaker Guy Ritchie, Rocco, to come home for Christmas in New York City. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Deborah Kaplan ordered the boy to return to the States to his mother, but Ritchie's attorney countered that their son would not return if he did not wish to voluntarily. Talk about holiday family drama... and I thought I had it bad!

Now, TMZ is reporting that the teen's falling out with his famous mother is actually thanks to Ritchie's influence over their young son. As the tabloid reports, apparently Ritchie had been encouraging his son to disobey his "strict, disciplinarian, controlling" pop star mother after being on tour with her for months on the Rebel Heart Tour. It's also rumored that having Rocco turn against Madonna is all part of Ritchie's plan to get back at his ex-wife, with whom he also shares another son, David.

If and when Rocco does return to the States, reports claim that the minor will be appointed with his own lawyer in New York in order to relay to the court which parent he would rather live with primarily.

Madonna and Ritchie were wed in 2000, and got divorced in London in 2008. The former couple's divorce agreement was registered in New York City in 2009. The two currently have shared custody over their two sons.

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