The title says it all. At the end of the Knicks/Pelicans game, a young fan darts onto the court and hugs Carmelo Anthony... in New Orleans!

I've seen streakers and grown adults run onto professional playing fields and dodge security, until they eventually get tackled and taken out of the venue in cuffs. This little guy simply wants to give his idol a hug, cute right?

I am also a Knicks fan, so what if I ran onto the court and gave Melo a hug? I'd be just another guy taken away by the police for disrupting a basketball game. Don't get me wrong, I think it's awesome of the kid. Most of us would be too scared to do this, no matter how old we are, but it's still dangerous. Luckily, he ran onto the court when the ball wasn't live. I don't know whether or not that was intentional on the boy's part, but if they were in the middle of a play, he could have potentially injured someone or even himself.

I think the best part of the video is after the referee directs him off the court, the kid walks right by security who seemingly doesn't say a word. He ran by them twice keep in mind! I'll say it again, it's cute, but security, do your job! If it's that easy for a kid that age and size to get onto the court, imagine how easy it is for a psychotic adult to get down there. This kid ran down the aisle and onto the court and it looked like no one even bat an eye at him. We don't need player/fan interaction during the games, after all, the NBA would most likely want to avoid a "Malice at the Palace" repeat.

Let me refresh your memory...

Not saying that a child running onto the court would lead to a huge brawl, I am simply pointing out just how easy it is for anyone to get out there. I am all for kids getting to meet their favorite athletes and idols, but there is a time and place.

I love how the kid runs back to his mother, gets a smack on the head, and they just leave like nothing ever happened. Well played young man, you'll forever have that memory and the only consequence was a light slap on the head... worth it!