Here are FIVE facts about Americans and our love for the grilled cheese sandwich.

Sunday, April 12th is National Grilled Cheese Day. Yes, it is a real thing, and NOT just something randomly made up. No, really. It's a real thing.

Here are five statistics from a survey, that good money was spent on, about what we want on our grilled cheese. Here we go:

1.  86% of Americans say they LOVE grilled cheese sandwiches. The other 14% are UN-American!

2.  The most popular cheese to use in them is 1. American 2. cheddar 3. provolone 4.Swiss (to me, Swiss has no taste)  5. mozzarella

3.  60% of people like using at least two different types of cheese. I prefer six.

4.  47% add other toppings, like tomatoes or bacon. Or more cheese.

5.  People who like grilled cheese have SESSY TIME more often than people who don't.  (Ahem.) Waitress, I'll have the grilled cheese...


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