This woman is a piece

Everyone is talking about this mom and asking if she went TOO FAR when her daughter was crying and scared and didn't want to get her ears pierced.

It starts off innocent enough, but the video escalates into the mother putting her daughter in a CHOKE HOLD and using the "F" word, "S" word, and "A" word -- multiple times -- when shaming her daughter into holding still.

The least likely candidate for "Mother Of The Year" even tells her daughter that the man who is about to pierce her ears is a "professional" and if he does the piercing wrong, mommy can sue him and become the richest woman in the world.


Don't get me wrong. I am a father of 2 boys who has experienced frustration with my children who would not cooperate, but in my humble opinion, this...ahem..."lady" needs a 101 course in basic parent-child relations.

I feel so sorry for this little girl and I hope she grows up to be a better parent than her mom is.

Check out this video that's gone viral and decide for yourself.


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