To camp or glamp, that is the question! What, you've never heard of "glamping"? This is the new trend that allows you to camp with full on glamour. All of the amenities that one could ask for on a camping trip. Toilet, shower, hair dryer, etc. So, how do I choose?

My family is going to Lake George for my birthday weekend, and I''m not sure if we are "camping" or "glamping".

I want the feel of camping, but would miss so much of the real world. I'm not one to go jumping into streams to get clean, I prefer a hot shower. Crazy I know. I would love to stay in a tent, but a nice bed in a camper sounds more comfy.

I'm not sure I could "catch" my food, but I can certainly pick up the phone and order take out. Is there a way to get the feel of real camping with just one or two really nice amenities?

Thoughts on this? Am I being to picky, or should I just MAN-UP?

(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)