It's not a horror movie set or a science experiment gone wrong. They are real brains found on the side of the railroad tracks in the small town of Governeur in Upstate New York. The local village police were called to investigate and took the brains to a local veterinarian who determined they belong to probably either a dog or sheep. According to the vet they were stored in formaldehyde so they were probably taken directly from an animal recently. Where were the brains from!? It's anyone's guess, but according to the story, this isn't the first set of random brains to be found!

Mishaps with preserved brains are not uncommon.

Last year the University of Texas in Austin said dozens of human brains stored in jars of formaldehyde and reported missing were actually destroyed in 2002. Those brains had been donated for teaching and research.
The brains are believed to have been part of a collection for educational or research purposes. No criminal activity is suspected.

Keep your brains at home people!


And what are these you might ask? They appear to be brains. small, the size of an apple. Laying on the side of the...

Posted by Clover Forsythe on Wednesday, 20 May 2015