It looks so natural -- and bald! Now you can look like you shave your head even though you have no hair. I'm sooooo doing this. I mean, no.

A new procedure called Micro Scalp Pigmentation (which is a fancy way to say that they're getting hair tattooed on their melon) gives bald men the illusion they have hair.

Small dots of ink are tattooed on the scalp making it look like the person has a shaved head. Kinda like Pitbull.

The procedure can hide receding hairlines, bald patches and scarring on the head. Brilliant!

Well, ya gotta admit, it does look better than a toupee.

The Micro Scalp Pigmentation process takes about two to five hours to complete and most people need two to three sessions. It depends on how bald you are and how big your dome is.

The procedure is said to be pain free but patients do feel a tingling in their scalp. No word on how much this costs, but when you think about how good you look and how people will no longer think you are bald -- it's really priceless.

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