Okay Capital Region outdoor folk, don't say we didn't warn you. As the weather gets a little warmer and we start to enjoy the outside activities be sure to take some extra caution in the Albany County forests. Although reports are low, there are cases of booby traps found to harm human all over the country.

A few years ago, a local pot grower, Daniel Ricketts was paroling his property and checking on his marijuana plants. While searching his property on his ATV the man drove into a piano wire booby trap he had set to help defend his pot. According to Fox News, the exact reason for the wire was unclear but there were other traps found on the premises as well. The man did not survive and he was found nearly decapitated.

Besides being used as a trip wire, did you know dangerous piano wire really can be? Piano wire is a metal spring-like material that can be purchased in many different gauges and sizes. In some cases it can be nearly invisible. Piano wire has even been a favorite by assassins and mob hit men for years by adding handles on each side and forming a choking weapon or, a garrote. It makes sense right? I don't want to get too graphic but it would be awfully hard to escape from an invisible wire wrapped around your throat.

After all of that, you can understand that driving into a metal wire neck first on an ATV would not be a fun way out.

What's that famous quote from the movie "Scarface?" "Never get high on your own supply." Although, drugs may not have been a factor, according to Fox News, alcohol may have been involved.

The fact is, if you're growing marijuana and you're going to set up some defenses you really need to keep a detailed map of where you set your traps. If you're going to walk or cruise the woods of Albany you need to watch your step and drive with caution because you can absolutely be beheaded by a drug dealer's piano wire. That's why a booby trap beheading makes the list of 1,000 ways to die in Albany.