Every '90s girl dreamed about it, but most never got the chance to find out for themselves: between Zack Morris and Brandon Walsh, who's the better kisser?

That was just one of the questions asked by a user on Reddit as Tiffani Thiessen participated in an AMA to help promote her new show, "Dinner at Tiffani's." Will she finally put our deepest, desire-filled curiosity to rest and tell us which '90s dude was better at making out? You'll have to check it out to see.

Thiessen, who played Kelly Kapowski on the hit series "Saved By the Bell," spent some time driving Jason Priestly's "90210" character wild. Also covered in the AMA: whether playing a "bad girl" on "90210" was difficult; if she keeps in touch with the old "Saved By the Bell" gang; and what she thinks of Justin Bieber wearing throwback t-shirts with her face on them.

Check out the full AMA here.