Bacon-wrapped, deep-fried Oreos?

You wrap a slice of bacon around an Oreo, use a toothpick to hold the bacon in place, fry it in oil, and eat them while they're warm. Heart-stopping GENIUS!

A blog called Oh Bite It just unveiled the Lipitor-worthy recipe for bacon-wrapped, deep-fried OREOS.  It's pretty self-explanatory, but just in case you can't figure it out, here is how you make them:

1.  Wrap an Oreo with an entire piece of bacon, covering up as much of the cookie as you can. Hold the bacon in place by putting a toothpick through it, sticking into the cream filling.

2.  Fry it in oil

3.  Let it cool a little bit and eat it warm.

4.  Try not to die from a heart attack

I would have gone the extra mile and dunked the whole mess in traditional fried Oreo batter, but hey, that's me.

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