When I was growing up Easter in my house was the best. Waking up to all of that great candy was a close second to Christmas morning. The Easter Bunny spared no expense when it came to candy.

I was usually in a sugar coma by 9am. Not only did we get delicious treats but the Easter Bunny always brought my brother and I the same thing every year without fail. Every year the Easter Bunny would get us books and the one thing two 90’s kids needed the most, a brand new baseball glove!

I’ll always remember my dad and my older brother spending two hours breaking in the gloves. The living

Nick Kessler

room would reek of oil and my dad would be beating on them with a bat the entire time. The hope was to have them broken in by noon so we could go to the park with the kids and play ball! We’d get to show off the new gear too! Easter will always remind me of one thing, America’s favorite past time!