I'm obsessed with Scandal. OBSESSED. This show has kept me on the edge of my seat for a few years now. But after seeing this blooper reel of the Gladiators, White House Staff and leaders of B6-13, you may never watch it the same again.

Shonda Rhimes met with Jimmey Kimmel on the set of Scandal for "Behind the Scandalabra" - as he called it. They sat on Olivia Pope's couch (not without red wine in super huge wine glasses, thanks to Scott Foley - aka Jake Ballard) and Shonda unleashed a blooper video of all blooper videos that makes the cast and crew seem a little more human.

And, as you can see, hilarity ensues. Oh - and if you're behind on this season at all, you may want to skip this until after you catch up. Fair warning!

I will forever picture Huck speaking with a Shake Weight now - and I think I'm okay with is.