It's Throwback Thursday and I'm throwing back to 1986!

The Atlanta band, Cameo had a few hits back-in-the-day, but this song and video was their first and biggest hit: "Word Up."

I've had the lead singer, Larry Blackmon, on the show before and we reminisced about the video and Larry's iconic bright red plastic codpiece. Good times, questionable fashion choices.

"Word Up"  has had 11 million views on YouTube for a reason—check out those dance moves...yeeeeaaaahh! WORD UP BABAY!

The video also stars once pretty famous actor LeVar Burton as a police detective trying to arrest the band. Trying to arrest them for what is not clear. Maybe for being too funky?

Finally, this song has had it's share of cover versions.

In the 1990s, it was first covered by Scottish rock band "Gun," then was later covered by "Mel B" of the Spice Girls (known as Melanie G at that time). The metal band "Korn" took their turn at "Word Up" too, with not much success. Then most recently the British girl group "Little Mix" did their bit in 2014.

None can match the original from 1986. Enjoy my Throwback Thursday Music Video Pick of the Week: Cameo's "Word Up!"

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