Albany, we've got a problem. I moved here in May from Michigan and I'm still exploring as far as local restaurants and bars go.

Today I face a new challenge! I have a friend from high school and his fiancee' are driving in from this foreign land called Boston. They are staying in my small apartment for two whole days. I'm worried because I don't get company often and when I do I like to be a generous host. I often think I do well in this regard.

However, this time is a little different. They are both vegan and I must confess that I couldn't be more opposite even though I did have a vegan chocolate chip cookie recently and it was fantastic. As my guests, I'd like them to feel as comfortable as possible.

Okay upstate New York vegans and vegetarians, here's where you come in. Where the heck does one go for the best vegan food? I know there's a Whole Foods on Wolf Road but that's obvious. I don't want to seem like I just took them to the first place I saw and I'd like to give them a little tour of the city. Let's dig a little deeper.

I see Berben & Wolff's Vegan Deli, according to Keep Albany Boring, is expected to open soon and that's exciting but I'm in a pinch and need some good places for tomorrow.

So far I've heard great things about The Brakes Coffee House, Healthy on Lark and Nuwave Cafe.

What are the best local vegan grocery stores? Are there any good vegan restaurants? Is there such a thing?

I know I could Google all of this but I trust you a lot more! You're my only hope.