Thanksgiving is next week -- I know!  And then the rest of the holidays for December will not be too far after that, leaving us with the question, "Is giving a gift card an insensitive or thoughtless gift?"  Obviously anyone loves to get a gift card, especially to one of their favorite stores or restaurants.  It's the same as receiving money!  But did the gift giver take the cop out and get lazy or were they truly thinking of the person's desires and wants?  I know I'm guilty of giving gift cards, but I always feel a bit reluctant because I'm afraid the person will lose or forget they have the gift card and never redeem it.

I guess this question could also open another can of worms with the cliche, "It's the thought that counts."  But let's be honest -- if your significant other just gave you a gift card, would you be a little disappointed that they didn't aimlessly walk around the mall, wait in an endless line or ponder the idea of what to get you for the last few months?  I'm sure there is a little part of you that would be let down because there was no big surprise to unwrap.