Tom Brady...Super Bowl Champion...nice guy...humble...married to a hot Brazilian model...loving father of 3...good lookin' dude...AND HE COOKS?!?!

Tom shares his perfect pancake recipe that he says is "just pure happiness".

They're called "Brady Cakes".

#BradyCakes from True.Ink on Vimeo.

“I take five eggs and beat them really good so they’re bubbly. Then I pour in about a quarter cup to half a cup of almond oil and mix that into the batter...Then a little dash of vanilla extract, a little baking soda and a little baking powder and I’ll put like a protein powder in it...a little scoop of butter...get the pan nice and hot on medium-low heat. Let it bubble through. Shake it through a little bit if it needs help and flip it. Voilà, delicious pancakes. That’s just pure happiness.”

Darn you Tom Brady...WHY do you have to be so perfect?!?


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