I was in the grocery store the other night and saw these Oreo varieties and I was curious. How much bigger are the "Mega Stuff" Oreos from the regular "Double Stuff" Oreos? Do we really need "Mega Stuff" Oreos?! Aren't the Double Stuffs enough?!

Oreo (Heather Davis)

I don't really see a big difference, but what do I know...

According to Wikipedia, there are LOTS of other varieties of Oreos!

  • Chocolate Oreo
  • Strawberry Milkshake Oreo, introduced in Canada, and sold for a limited time in the United States, is an Oreo cookie with strawberry flavoring.[33]
    • Strawberry Oreo, introduced in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.
  • Green Tea Oreo, introduced in China and Japan.[34]
  • Lemon Ice Oreo, introduced in Japan.
  • Organic Oreo, introduced in 2006, are plain Oreo cookies made with organic flavor and organic sugar.

And much, much more!