Best Places to Watch the Superbowl in the Albany Area
Even though that we are still a little hurt that the Giants aren't going to be in the big game this year (or coming back to Albany this summer, for that matter), chances are you'll be watching the game this Sunday. If you don't have a party to go to, but don't want to stay at home - here's your list…
Darcy’s Favorite – and Easy – Superbowl Snacks
Hosting a Superbowl party? Going to your friends? You gotta make sure you have the best snacks to bring. If you follow these quick, easy and delicious recipes, everyone will be talking more about your dish than the game!
Beyonce Set to Perform at Super Bowl XLVII
Beyonce is proving that girls really do run the world, even in a male-dominated event like football. Rumor is the singer, designer, superstar and mother of Blue Ivy will perform at the Super Bowl halftime show in February 2013, taking the baton from Madonna, who performed last year and received rave…