st. patrick's day

Favorite Thing About St. Patrick’s Day [POLL]
If you're even close to being 100% Irish, then you may be part of the Irish population that doesn't particularly like to even go out on St. Patrick's Day.  Why this is, I'm not sure, but I guess I could rationalize with some if I knew their reason.
10 Lucky Movie Quotes for St. Patrick’s Day
St. Patrick's Day brings out the superstitious side in all of us. Though it doesn't get the same love in cinema that other high-profile holidays receive, Hollywood does have a rich tradition of crediting "Lady Luck" for certain milestones and achievements. Here are 10 &am…
The Number One Cure For A Hangover
As we all get ready to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, I thought this would be helpful. Most people do not realize there is one simple thing you can do to avoid feeling like poop the next day.
Easy DIY St. Patrick’s Day Manicure [PHOTOS]
I'm admittedly really excited for St. Patrick's Day. It's my favorite holiday each year, and I start preparing for it by decorating and buying silly things to wear on parade day well in advance. This Do It Yourself manicure will make your nails feel about as festive as they can get!
Fun Irish Songs For Kids[Video]
If you are having a St. Paddy's Day party for the kids, here's a list of some songs that are fun to sing along with. There is one song that is my all time favorite, and I'm sure you'll be singing along with me in no time.

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