Why Women Should Eat An Apple A Day
A new study done in Italy and published by the Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics found that women who ate at least one apple each day had better sex.  Could this be true?  Evidently, the antioxidants in apples help stimulate a woman's blood flow
Katy Perry Covers ‘GQ’ Magazine & More!
On the cover of the new issue of GQ magazine you will find a very attractive Katy Perry.  Inside you'll find quite the interesting interview with the famous singer and not necessarily about her current romance with fellow singer, John Mayer.  I...
Today is National Coffee Day
Last week on the show, Donny brought up an interesting topic -- what makes people up more?  Morning coffee or morning sex?  Those are quite opposite extremes from one another.
Burgers With a Side of Safe Sex — Best Combo Meal Ever?
There are only so many ways to make a hamburger new and unique, and there are even less ways that taste good (for example, pizza burgers are disgusting). If you're a burger joint who wants to stand out, sometimes your ad campaign is your best bet, but this Australian company is feeling the…