Men Answer Relationship Questions [VIDEO]
Sure ladies, sometimes we want to know what is going on in a man's head or WE THINK we know what's going on up there... but we are probably VERY wrong.
Why are men afraid of commitment? What's the right age to get married? When do you want to have kids...
When To Take Down Facebook Pics of the “Ex” [POLL]
I'm sure at this point we've all been there.  You come to terms with the fact that your relationship is not going anywhere or it's so bad you want to just scream at each other.  So you pull the plug, go your separate ways, and pretend that you can still, at the least, be Fac…
Signs Your Relationship Is DONE
I'm sure everyone can remember a time when they were either just dating someone short term or long term that just didn't seem "great."  I mean, that's what we all seek in a relationship, right?

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