The Great Oreo Debate [PICTURES/POLL]
I was in the grocery store the other night and saw these Oreo varieties and I was curious. How much bigger are the "Mega Stuff" Oreos from the regular "Double Stuff" Oreos? Do we really need "Mega Stuff" Oreos?! Aren't the Double Stuffs enou…
Pancakes Vs. Waffles — Which Is Better? [POLL]
This morning, Mike found a story about a guy, James Junior, of Gainesville, Florida, who had requested breakfast in bed for his 44th birthday this past Sunday.  Well, his girlfriend did just that.  She woke him up Sunday morning for his birthday waffles in bed, however; his reaction was no…
True Feelings Of Holiday Gift Cards [POLL]
Thanksgiving is next week -- I know!  And then the rest of the holidays for December will not be too far after that, leaving us with the question, "Is giving a gift card an insensitive or thoughtless gift?"
Daily Internet Is More Important Than Daily Showers
A new survey has found that the majority of the population feel the Internet is more important on a daily basis than a daily shower.  Now I'm not sure if that is true or not, but I'm not afraid to admit that one of the first things I do when my alarm goes off is grab my phone.
Worst Halloween Candy [POLL]
So I tried to do a really good thing yesterday and pass out some candy to my co-workers, but it seemed like people are pretty picky when it comes to getting in the mood of Halloween.  I mean, it's not like I HAD to bring candy in or anything...
Nick Jonas’ New Image [POLL]
We found out months ago that the Jonas Brothers were splitting up and then it wasn't too long ago that we heard rumors (that became true) that one of the reasons was because Nick Jonas wanted to go out on his own and try the whole solo thing.  Well, I think I speak for most young women/tee…

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