90% of Kids Don’t Know What This Retired Piece of Tech Is
It's hard to believe that millennials are actually getting older. We've got to make way for an entirely new generation to drive us crazy. recently posted a survey where they tested a 6-18 year old kids on how well they knew different items from the '90s.

Make PlayDough Out Of Koolaid [VIDEO]
I was always told by my friends that you can make your own playdough at home with just flour, water, etc. I did try it once, but it was too dry and lasted less than an hour plus it smelled really gross! Now there is a solution that is so easy and takes all of about 5 minutes to make from start to fi…
Make Your Own Lego Gummies [VIDEO]
Here is a fun project you can do with your kids either this weekend or when they head out on break for the summer! Make your own gummies. These people used Lego molds, but really you could use any kind of mold as long as it can stand up to hot liquid...

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