Favorite Thing About Fall [POLL]
I've always been nostalgic about the fall because its the same time of year my birthday is; it was always time for back to school (new friends, new teachers, new clothes); and the crisp mornings and evenings with out it being too unbearable to be outdoors.
Best Places To Go In The Fall
Fall is a prime time for adventuring because it is not yet too cold and the refreshing crisp air is more than welcome after a few months of desert like conditions. Luckily, in the Capital Region there are a lot of low keys things to do in this short window of time to make sure you get your fall fix …
Haunted Places Around The Capital Region
If you're completely the opposite of me when it comes to scary TV shows, haunted houses or horror movies, then you'll be very curious to know there are some places right here in the Capital Region that are haunted. Crazy, right?

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