Food That Just Makes You More Hungry
Have you ever felt once you ate something, completely unsatisfied or at least, still hungry?  Well, apparently there are foods that despite ingesting them, you will in fact stay hungry or get even hungrier.  Crazy, right?  Therefore, if you've been dieting or at least trying to w…
Most Fattening Food You Can Possibly Order
You might have read the headline and thought the answer has got to be French fries or something deep fried in general.  Nope!  While anything greasy and fried is high in saturated fat and a contributor to a bigger pant size, a new study says a sit-down restaurant is going to be worse for y…
New Diet Study: Fat vs. Sugar
With the start of 2014, I can name at least five people I know personally who are trying to get in shape, or better phrased as trying to lose some weight.
The Worst Foods To Eat When On A Diet
If you are on a diet, you should STAY AWAY from these foods. They are a diet killer! They will stop your extreme weight loss on a dime. The only problem is, they are all AMAZINGLY GOOD TO EAT! :(