Kitten Waits All Day For Puppy To Come Home [VIDEO]
Well, this will surely put a smile on your face.  A puppy who was not feeling very well after having an allergic reaction to certain grasses, breaking out in hives.  The puppy ended up going to the vet so he could be put on Benadryl and steroids.
Do You Know What Today Is? [VIDEO]
Today is March 21st (of course), but today is also World Down Syndrome Day, a mission launched to help those affected by someone with down syndrome in their lives.  Their motto: everyone has the right to be happy.
Everyone is Some Type of ‘Dog’ — What Are You?
While the expression, "he's a dog" or "she's a dog" can have different meanings (he plays games with woman; she is not that attractive, respectively), EVERYONE can now be categorized as a type of dog, according to a survey done by

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