Homemade Baby Wipes [VIDEO]
For all of you moms out there, here is a home hack to make your own baby wipes using paper towel, baby wash, baby oil and water! They also make great baby shower gifts!
Carrie Underwood Reveals Baby Gender
A pregnant and very stunning Carrie Underwood co-hosted the Country Music Awards show last night for her seventh year in a row, along with Brad Paisley. While the two always do a very nice job together, most would probably say their MCing was a bit subdued compared to previous years.
Baby Stops Crying To ‘Dark Horse’ [VIDEO]
This video is so cute!  A baby riding in the backseat of a car was obviously very upset until Katy Perry and "Dark Horse" came on.  You won't believe the reaction of the baby and her crying episode let alone her mannerisms.  Super adorbs...
Dog Teaches Baby To Crawl [VIDEO]
While I firmly believe that not everyone should own a dog and certain households just aren't set up for the proper care of such a big responsibility, I think a family dog is one of the most rewarding experiences someone can have.
Couple Documents Son’s Life [VIDEO]
A young couple in Chicago were faced with tragedy early on in their newborn baby's life.  At almost 20 weeks, Robbyn Blick found out her unborn child had a fatal genetic abnormality known as Edward's syndrome and he would die either before or shortly after he was born.

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