In a world where it seems like things are only getting crazier and crazier, it always helps ease the mind to know there is someone out there that has your back.

Introducing Operation Kidsafe! A free service to the community that will help you and your family in the time of a crisis. After 13 years of serving the United States and Canada, they have helped protect over one million children and special needs adults, and now they want to bring that service to Schenectady.

Parents will be able to bring their children down to 2116 Central Ave Schenectady, NY on September 10th and they will run through their process of taking their fingerprints and photos while also providing a list of safety tips. I know what your thinking, what are the fingerprints and photos for? They are for the parent to have on record just in case their child goes missing, that way they have a copy of their fingerprints and an up to date photo to make it easier for police to find them, and yes, the fingerprints and the photos are only for the parents to keep. There is no data basing, parents can even choose to fill out the personal information when they get home. Then after all the paperwork is filled out, you keep these documents somewhere safe in case you ever need to give information to the police.

Your children can never be too safe, so make sure you stop by and make them that much safer.