If you thought the sound of whole cities collapsing was excruciating, wait until you hear the bromide-lovin' Independence Day fighter pilots try to wax poetic.

In a new trailer for the forthcoming Resurgence released yesterday (May 23), the franchise's newest heroes stand tall to protect their loved ones from an alien threat and subsequent extinction. Also, they'll get good and *~*~pumped*~*~ by reciting aphorisms that would make even your middle school baseball coach be like Uhh, better keep that one in the back pocket.

Here are some quotes that might, under similar circumstances, convince you to submit to a hostile enemy:

"It's the Fourth of July. Let's show them some fireworks."

"Make them pay."
"I'm not going up there to make friends."

"Our whole lives built up to this moment."

"You are screwing with the wrong species."
We get it!

"What goes up must come down."
Crazy if true.

"We've gotta remind them Earth is not for the taking."

"Our survival is only possible when we stand together." 

Watch the full trailer above, and see the planet rightfully fall to its knees when Independence Day hits theaters on June 23.

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