I am a practical joker.

I also have a wife who likes to nap a lot.

I also have two sons who would be perfect targets for some of these unbelievable wake up pranks! I am SO going to use some of these. To be honest, some of these pranks could end up inflicting the victim with some form of mild injury, but hey, we can laugh about it now that it's on the internet, right?

Mouse traps, air horns, kiddie pools, firecrackers, wasabi, ceiling fans, more mouse traps, eggs, a snake, a leaf blower, chainsaws, beer cans, flame throwers, even MORE mouse traps, ice cream, large trucks, a banana, a mannequin, buckets of water, machine guns, and an end table are all used to rouse these sleepers in a way that will make you LOL!

***WARNING: even though we're all adults here, I have to inform you that some of the people who have the bejesis scared out of them use the "F" word.***


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