This is perhaps the most awesome David Hasslehoff music video ever, and it's called "True Survivor".

No -- I take that back. This IS the most awesome David Hasselhoff music video EVER!

It is an homage to 80s video overload and is the ULTIMATE rewind work of art.

Mullets, fingerless driving gloves, letterman's jackets,  kung fu, a white Lamborghini, skateboards, more kung fu, explosions, headbands, geeks on computers, video games, video game monster transformer thing, more explosions, The Hoff doing the splits, The Hoff shooting guns, The Hoff looking sexy on a Lambo, lots of smoke, hot pink lazers, converse high-tops, a wolf with glowing eyes, a she-warrior princess, Nazis, a Johnny Depp look-a-like, helicopters, fire, more kung fu, cops, a DINOSAUR, a viking giant, and a keytar.

Top it off with some cheesy lyrics and this is a perfect REWIND work of art!

And the final scene with David and Depp look-a-like riding off into the horizon on the back of the T-Rex is just amazing.


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