Have you ever wanted to impress your friends, family or trick-or-treaters with an awesome pumpkin sitting on your front stoop, but couldn't exactly draw it out free hand? Well then you're in luck! We've created these celebrity pumpkin carving stencils to make you look like the Van Gogh of pumpkin carving.

1) Click the link below each picture to get your stencil
2) Print out stencil on a regular piece of paper
3) Tape the stencil to the flattest side of the pumpkin on all four corners
4) Cut out the parts in black from the pumpkin.
5) Send us the pictures of how cool it looks!

We'll start off easy - with our logo! Okay, so maybe we just are looking for the coolest Popstars out there.

A little harder, equally as cool. Katy Perry!

Bieber is every where else - so why not in pumpkin form in his super cool shades?

We can take this to adore her, or when Halloween is over to knock some sense into Rihanna for spending so much time with Chris Brown again!

Lady Gaga's super scary face is coming in handy big time for this pumpkin! This is going to look super cool all lit up! Though, it might be a bit tricky.



The more people, the harder the pumpkin! But wouldn't having One Direction on your front porch just be dreamy?