Crossgates Mall, Colonie Center, and the Times Union Center - all places where Kim Kardashian was reported to be Wednesday evening in Albany. While she may have not been at all of them - we know where she was, and have the picture to prove it!

It started this afternoon. I received texts from a few people saying that Kim was in the area - specifically shutting down stores in Crossgates Mall so that she could shop. Facebook and Twitter started to blow up with statuses like below.

I happened to be going to Crossgates myself to meet up with my cousins for a night of shopping and dinner, and can attest that no where in the mall was there any hints that Kim was there or had been there. Which - lets face it - Kim is used to shopping at high end stores, nothing of the like we have to offer.

However - there were multiple confirmed sightings of Kim at Kanye West's show tonight at the Times Union Center.

You can see in the tweet below that as described, Kim was standing in the center area of the floor near his sound tech booth.

Twitter @cthiggins

It may be a little blurry, but you can tell that is Kim for sure.

Did you see her last night? Let us know!