This morning, LISTENER Jennie told Mike & Heather, "I Hate the Dress!"

I have a real dilemma and I need some advice right away!

My boyfriend and I had our first Christmas together and it was wonderful,except for one thing – I hate the gift he got me!

He bought me this really expensive designer dress as part of my gift of a fancy NewYear's Eve night out. THE DRESS IS AWFUL!

I can't even describe to you how much I hate this thing. It is this weird shimmery metallic stretchy material that is so unflattering when I put it on. The length is off, the fit is off, the style is terrible – it reminds me of something an 80's mafia mistress would wear!

We are going to an incredibly expensive, fancy New Year's banquet and I do not want to wear this thing! Please help! What do I do?!

Jennie in Albany


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